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She did, and the restful night's sleep that ensued made her weep for what she had been missing.

You'd miss that bit if you went out to put the kettle on." And I think: "Tell me again, that's all it is." 'He has a healthy view. I feel safe with that and I trust him absolutely.' Does she feel secure, not only in his love, but also his fidelity? During the fraught three years of her illness, Julie all but gave up work to care for her little girl.However, her childhood was plagued by self-doubt and prevailing sense that she wasn't good enough. Julie with Rupert Grint, who played Ron in Harry Potter, in the 2006 film Driving Lessons 'I felt as if, when I didn't win, I didn't know how to be. Her inadequacy was exacerbated by the perfectionism of her Irish Catholic mum, Mary.'She was not an "It's the taking part that counts" sort of person,' she recalls dryly.After a fortnight, I was on the phone in tears every night,' she told me last time we met.'We had a talk and Maisie said: "Two weeks is long enough, Mum." She was about ten.

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'Sometimes it's decaffeinated coffee that sets me off; or even just thinking of a part I'm worried about. Burden: At one stage, Julie Walters was waking up 15 times a night with hot flushes'It started when I was doing a play at the National. " and they'd rush off, find this tin tray and wave it in the air in front of me to cool me off.' She mimics the process of frenzied wafting. She has never, even as a little girl, enjoyed the restorative bliss of a solid eight hours' rest.

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