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Amanda, 20, started up a friendship with someone she met in “World of Warcraft.” Her real-life relationship was one that she terms as “moderately abusive,” and her real-life boyfriend as “very controlling.” Her in-game guy, Joel, was much nicer. “I thought she was going through a depression and she’d get bored and move on with life,” he says.

“But she kept getting deeper and deeper.” Within six months of signing up for Second Life, Max’s wife was spending up to eight hours a day online — and even more on the weekends.

“If people are getting their needs for love, attention, intimacy, companionship and sex from somewhere else, I think it’s cheating,” she says. “She no longer became the funny, excited and refreshing girl I had fallen for,” he says.

“One day I had the realization that I didn’t really want that guy,” she says.“What I wanted was for my husband to treat me like that guy.” Sarah and her husband split up, and have since divorced.But Sarah credits Second Life with showing her what she wanted from a partner — attention, affection and romance.As a result, she doesn’t go in-world that much anymore.“I decided that I didn’t want to partition my love,” she says.

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