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Limewire was recognized for its simple user interface along with good search and download performance.

Morpheus P2P clients were capable of searching Gnutella2, Fast Track, e Donkey2K, and Overnet P2P networks.

Millions of people used to use free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) networks and software client programs every day to swap music, video, and other files over the internet.

While some P2P networks were shut down and other forms of file swapping took their place, some favorite P2P programs still exist in one form or another.

Simply put, a P2P camera is an IP network camera that uses peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology to simplify the linkage between IP security cameras and your Smartphone or PC when viewing camera feeds locally and remotely. Well, each P2P security camera or network video recorder (NVR) is identified with a unique ID number (UID) registered and integrated at the developer level, which is used to ping the P2P server (merely for connection, not a proxy) via network P2P IP camera apps or software for Mac/Windows.

Once the P2P camera is connected with the P2P camera app/software, users can view, stream live videos from the P2P IP security camera in a breeze in real time even outside your home or local area network (LAN).

EDonkey/Overnet was a P2P file sharing network especially popular in Europe.The e Donkey P2P client connected to both the e Donkey and Overnet networks, which combined to support a large base of users and files.A separate Overnet client existed at one time some years ago, but it was merged into e Donkey, which ran on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.A spinoff client for the Ares network called Warez was also developed.More » The e Mule project started with the goal of building an improved free e Donkey client.

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