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They found abundant food (Westervelt, n.d.: 157–161). This cane was used in ceremonies for remission of sins (uku hala, wehe hala). Also said of drunks, with pē in this case meaning 'soaked'.) native trees (Dracaena [Pleomele] spp) in the lily family, with narrow leaves in tufts at branch ends and with clustered round yellow fruits. This was one of the five standard plants used in the hula altar to an indigenous variety of pandanus, with keys 4 cm long, canary-yellow and small; head small, about 15 by 12 cm., used in medical prescription and for exorcising evil spirits. land section, village, gulch, and mill, Kohala qd., North Kohala, Hawaiʻi (Ii 13). Bishop at the site of the Bishop Trust Building at Bishop and King streets; classroom building (built in 1931) at Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu. Robert Lewers had a residence and hotel there named Hau Tree (the hau tree there is said to be between 150 and 200 years old). Ancient surfing area, Lahaina, West Maui (Finney, 1959a:52, 1959b:347). a romantic Oʻahu anti-hero who wooed, sometimes with success, the beautiful but fickle Puna princess, Kamalālāwalu. Kamehameha I is said to have used this heiau, and sharks were fed here. Stream inland of Lahaina, Maui, mentioned in the Lahaina Luna song "Alma Mater," and in the Lahaina song "Hālona" (Elbert and Mahoe 40).

Land section, peak, village, beach park, bay, point, stream, cape, and quadrangle, east Molokaʻi. 2–103.) Land section, district park, elementary school, town, and stream, Waipahu qd., Oʻahu (Ii 70). national park (established in 1961), volcano, peak, ranch, and visitor center, East Maui; homesteads, Kahului qd., Maui. street, downtown Honolulu, named in 1875 for the thatched house built here of kauwila wood in the 1820s on land now belonging to American Factors. lit.: soldiers' house (referring to a Bishop Estate subdivision for veterans in the area). The account of the kilu (quoits) match contains some of the most beautiful of Hawaiian poetry. Rocks from here may have been used to build Puʻukoholā heiau. Cove and blowhole lookout, Koko Head qd., and land section and hill (836 feet high), Waiʻanae qd., Oʻahu; street, Kapālama section, Honolulu. [Ke kani a leo nui o ka hekili, ke kai a mea like paha. quadrangle, village, bay, surfing area, elementary and high school, beach park, district, forest reserve, plantation, and road, East Maui.

Drive, Mānoa, Honolulu; heiau of Kamehameha I at ʻEwa, Oʻahu (RC 173). a native lobelia (Clermontia clermontioides), found only in high mountains of Kauaʻi, a shrub or small tree with many branches; oblong and narrow leaves; greenish-purple, curved flowers; and sweet, edible yellow berries.

lit., hāhā, food of the birds, so called because the thick sap was used for catching birds.

ha he hh hi hk hl hm ho hp ht hu ha haa haaa haae haah haai haak haal haam haan haao haap haau haaw hae haea haee haeh haei haek hael haen haeo haew haga haha hahe hahi haho hahu hai haia haid haie haih haii haik hail haim hain haio haip haiu haiw haka hake haki hako haku hala hale hali halo halu ham hama hame hami hamo hamu hana hane hani hano hanu hao haoa haoe haoh haoi haok haol haom haon haoo haop haou haow hapa hape hapo hapu hara hare hate hau haua haue hauh haui hauk haul haum haun hauo haup hauu hauw hava hawa hawe hawi a native tree (Eugenia [Syzygium] sandwicensis), with red, edible fruit about 8.5 mm. • a prefix similar in meaning to the causative/simulative hoʻo-.

in diameter, related to the mountain apple, ʻōhiʻa ʻai. • before short vowels and glottal stop the form is usually hā-, as hāinu, to give to drink, and hāʻawe, to carry.

to make faces; a grimace of defiance and contempt; the corners of the mouth were drawn back tightly, the teeth separated, chin and lower teeth twisting from side to side; perhaps the figure-eight mouthed images were inspired by this violent fighting expression. Kahaʻi, a famous navigator, lived here and traveled to Samoa to bring back seeds and breadfruit; he was so respected that Kamehameha I in 1795 lowered the sail of his canoe in honor of his memory. The pineapple-shaped fruits are borne on female trees whereas the spikes of fragrant, pollenbearing flowers are borne separately on male trees.

Many uses: leaves (lau hala) for mats, baskets, hats; the yellow to red fruit sections for leis, brushes; male flowers to scent tapa, their leaflike bracts to plait mats (see hīnano).

• before colors the meaning is "-ish, somewhat," as hākea, haʻakea, hāʻeleʻele, hāuliuli.

The trunk is slender, unbranched, to 12 m high, and bears a crown of narrow leaves that are up to 60 cm long.

The many flowers are purplish-red, the fruits yellow berries.

cf: haina, offering, sacrifice hai ʻai, food offering; to offer vegetable food haialo, lit. (lepo₁, dirt, earth, ground, filth...) hailuku, to stone. (luku, to massacre, destroy, slaughter...) haipule, religious, devout, pious, reverent...

(pule₁, to pray, worship, say grace...) haiʻula, same as hāʻula, reddish...

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