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These units are almost useless in every situation and the battle I described above is very unlikely to happen and even still they wouldn’t fair very well against the orcs.

Marauders are very good at one thing though and that is being used as a sacrifice for Gazul’s sacrifice ability, using this on a whole pack of Marauders is very powerful and can win you battles even after your whole army died, this strategy is one of the main ways to counter Spider Lich.

During his long reign, Psusennes built the enclosure walls and the central part of the Great Temple at Tanis which was dedicated to the triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.

Treasure trove: Archaeologists in southern Egypt found a mummy that predates the First Dynasty and the unification of Egypt together with an array of precious objects (pictured), the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry announced No detailed records of the first two dynasties have survived, except for the terse lists on the Palermo stone.

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Psusennes I's reign has been estimated at 46 years by the editors of the Handbook to Ancient Egyptian Chronology.

However, the German Egyptologist Karl Jansen-Winkeln has suggested that all these dates should be attributed to the serving High Priest of Amun, Menkheperre instead who is explicitly documented in a Year 48 record.If your enemy is few in number and attack one target at a time Marauders can delay an enemy for a long time on the frontline.Pair these guys with mummies and your frontline will be nearly endless against things like Orcs.Jansen-Winkeln notes that "in the first half of Dyn.21, [the] HP Herihor, Pinedjem I and Menkheperre have royal attributes and [royal] titles to differing extents" whereas the first three Tanite kings (Smendes, Amenemnisu and Psusennes I) are almost never referred to by name in Upper Egypt with the exception of one graffito and rock stela for Smendes.

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