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As parrot owners ourselves, we know how it can be for fellow lovers of our feathered friends.Our 'Fids' just have to satisfy that chewing urge, and when they get something in their sights, it's... Desperate to spare our wallets yet not wanting to neglect our parrots, we started making our own toys. This site is dedicated to providing information about making life for us feathered friends safe, fun, and long-lasting!If it is a one-person bird, if it prefers one gender over the other.

The magic of animals and precision training is a winning formula for family entertainment .

People watch in amazement as Ken gently dissolves the "wall of fear" and turns frightened, neglected, aggressive, hard-to-handle birds into happy, trusting pets.

He has helped countless frustrated bird owners get close to birds they were ready to give up on.

Creators of an interesting and wide variety of bird toys and bird toy parts for birds and parrots of all sizes.

These toys are manufactured by the owners and meet strict standards of premium quality.

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