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It is a day when families can get together for a picnic or a barbecue, and it a time when communities large and small hold parades and observances.It’s a day we pause to honor and remember those who were called, and gave their lives in the service of America.Today’s action isn’t about doing what’s right for our state, it’s an attack on Ohio’s most vulnerable children that will limit their opportunities in the future,” said AFSCME Ohio Council 8 President John A. A loss of collective bargaining rights will mean lower-quality child care available to parents, and the loss of thousands of jobs that are largely held by women and minority workers now.This is another mean-spirited attack on working people that will hurt our families and our communities,” Lyall said. Quality child care like what we provide can be the difference between a family living on public assistance or moving into the middle class,” said independent child care provider Asyia Haile, President of AFSCME Local 4025 which represents independent child care providers in 16 central Ohio counties.Ultimately, this move will be bad for Ohio’s working families and for our communities,” she said.May 22nd, 2015 Like Americans have for the past 150 years, every spring we celebrate this holiday called “Memorial Day” which traditionally marks the beginning of summer.

Lara attempted to dismiss the Russia investigation into her family, telling the audience: 'The same people touting this crazy Russia story are the ones who gave us the fake polls throughout the election, remember those?

And it is so incredible I get to welcome a son into this world where Donald Trump is our president.'And after being interrupted by a heckler in the crowd, she said: 'I must be special to have a protester already!

'Shortly afterwards, Eric Trump took the stage and gloated about his wife, before asking her to 'spin around' to show the audience her baby bump.'Is she gonna make a good mother or what? After the rally wrapped up, Eric announced he and his wife will be interviewed on Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning.

God was in this election ladies and gentlemen.'I knew we would win.

So I just want to say thank you to all of you, because as you heard, I am going to be a mother in about a month and a half.

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