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(NASDAQ: YHOO) closed all of its user-created chat rooms due to controversy over sexually explicit channels aimed at minors.After a Houston, Texas television station KPRC reported on chat room names such as "Girls 13 And Under For Older Guys" and "Girls 13 And Up For Much Older Men" that were aimed at sex with children, the publicly held business Yahoo!A similar number use rival sites operated by AOL and Yahoo, while there are numerous smaller companies running chatrooms.In fact, AOL quietly shut down its UK open chatrooms earlier this year, it emerged last night.Microsoft's decision follows growing evidence that child molesters and rapists are using chatrooms to "groom" young victims.Paedophiles are creating bogus identities, and pretending to be younger than they are, so they can arrange meetings and prey on children."Meanwhile, I think every other chat provider in the UK is going to have to reflect on how, or indeed whether, they continue with their own open access chat services." NSPCC policy adviser, Chris Atkinson, said: "This announcement is a very positive step forward and will help close a major supply line for sex abusers who go to great lengths to gain access to innocent children by grooming them on the internet.

Last night, the Government announced its support for the MSN initiative, which was taken in response to pleas from parents, children's groups and the police. All MSN chatrooms will be closed, except in New Zealand and Brazil, where a monitoring system will be introduced. Chatrooms in the US and Canada will also survive, but access will be limited under a subscription service to people who can prove their identity and address. In Britain, 15 cases of paedophiles abusing children after contacting them through the Net have been reported. MSN UK claims 1.2million individuals log onto its chatrooms each month.Microsoft is axing its services in Britain and most of the world in a bid to shield youngsters from web perverts.The move - to be announced today by the US giant's British operation MSN UK - was welcomed as "momentous" by children's charities who urged other Internet services to follow suit.Last year, a convicted rapist out on licence from a seven-year jail term was caught using the Internet to groom a girl of 11 for sex.Scot James Gilmour, 50, pretended to be 13 to arrange a meeting.

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