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“I didn’t know it was really dangerous just because it’s so common,” Laura said. If you didn’t abuse it, it wouldn’t be bad.” After waking up with no idea what had happened the previous night, she changed her mind. “It’s pointless.” Although the only consequence for her was loss of memory, things could have been drastically worse."The first time I did it, I was expecting a good time,” senior Molly Doe* said.

“Having a close family member on Xanax is like trying to talk to someone who is on autopilot all of the time,” senior Charlotte Potter* said. They don’t remember important conversations, and you start to miss them.

Due to the fact that the two substances have the same affect on the body, they end up magnifying the feeling of intoxication to hazardous levels.

“If you mix alcohol with Xanax you’re really playing with fire,” Broaddus said.

It’s like blacking out when you’re drunk, but you don’t remember any tidbits.

[I took it because] someone had it and I was like, ‘Why not?

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