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I want to see his cock’s thrusts on your gasping and pleasured face.I want to feel his thrusts in your dick’s shoves, as you push in and try to breach and ruin my womb.So she set her plan in motion to lure that hungry little fantasy of his, right out into the open.

On their next shared lover night, she backed off of the couple suck, and strapped on a big girlcock. She had whispered to him earlier that she was dying to spit-grill him while his throat was filled with a thrusting, and fully loaded man-dick.

And more often than not, Audrey let her man have the creamblast of the overpowering first cum shots - she was so lost in watching him taunt another man’s sex, and his devouring the entire length of the pulsating meat, that she would almost forget it was hers to swallow as well.

She was too busy and too happy cumming from the visuals, from the guttural sounds and from the standing man’s fists reining her boy’s hair and fucking his face like it was a cunt to own forever and ever, fucking amen!

And god, how he took to that, on this wild evening.

Audrey herself must have cum three times, before the suck-ee burst into her boy’s gullet.

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