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Kelly Krause—Wisconsin Make It With Wool Winner Kelly Krause, the Wisconsin Make It With Wool winner for garment construction, shared details of how her award-winning entry came together.

Her outfit included a classically-styled cape and skirt constructed from wool fabric she won through the previous year’s contest. Part of her award, presented at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, included a piece of beautiful maroon wool for a future outfit and a cash prize sponsored by Sewing With Nancy.

It doesn’t take much for babies to lose their heat and become hypothermic.”As a result, Hope 2 Others developed the Hats 4 Hope newborn care kit to help give these at-risk babies a chance at life.

The kits, distributed at hospitals, include a quilt/afghan/blanket, a baby hat, and other care items for newborns, plus flip flops and a toothbrush for mothers who often do not have access to these essentials.

Karen Klemp and Jane Krogstad—Hope2Others Infant death from hypothermia during the first 10 days of life is a serious concern in developing countries.

As Hope 2 Others founder Karen Klemp explained, “People don’t think countries along the equator are cool, but when you are in the mountains with high altitudes and in the rainy season, it gets very chilly.

A micro-controller within the circuit is programmed to control lights, sounds, and sensors.

A variety of Mitsy Kits are in use at senior centers and nursing homes providing participants challenged by physical or cognitive barriers to reclaim their creative spark, lift their spirits, and find a renewed sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Find more information at Tammy Roussell - Mitsy Kit Adaptive Crafting For All. Jourdan—Dreams Alive Beading Circle Delicate beads sparkle in the light as careful stitches hold them in place creating beautiful and functional items like a ceremonial eagle feather case or a sewing kit.

Since the first retreat the group has expanded from seven to more than 20.

Paul, as a regular participant at all the retreats, is hopeful that increasing numbers of new members will continue to participate.

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  1. I am surprised how many don’t know about the “Revived by His Word” project. Our pastors are the ones who can convey to our church members the uniqueness of our church, keeping them nurtured and informed.