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The new ruling ordered HHS to step aside and allow the teen to go forward with an abortion.

The Trump administration did not appeal to the Supreme Court before the procedure, but advocates for the teen — referred to in court filings as Jane Doe to shield her identity — rushed to arrange the abortion after the ruling on Tuesday afternoon.

But they said the teen feared having her parents find out that she wanted an abortion because she had seen them abuse a sister who was pregnant.

The full US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia restored a lower court's ruling against HHS.

First when jihadis were used to fight the Russians, ending, in the process, the left-wing reformist government in Kabul, and then the country abandoned to the Taliban and their savage suppression of women in the 1980s.

It was repeated when the Taliban regime of Mullah Omar was overthrown by American and British troops in 2001.

It is unsurprising that Trump, a man of limited general knowledge, knew little of Afghan history.

It may be surprising that a misogynist like him would care much about women’s rights.

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It said lawyers appointed to represent the teen's interests would take her from the South Texas facility where she was being held to and from an abortion clinic.

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  1. DHS has considered the best methodology to target preventive efforts against an individual attempting to fraudulently obtain an identification document to gain access to a Federal facility, nuclear facility, or commercial aircraft.