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Franklin Clinton is a 25 year old character in the HD Universe who appears as a protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Previously of the Chamberlain Gangster Families set, by 2013 Franklin has branched off with his best friend Lamar Davis into a separate set: Forum Drive Gangsters. Franklin was born in 1988, grew up in the inner city of Los Santos attending Davis High School, and coped with a mother who smoked crack cocaine and later died of a suspected overdose.

During his youth, met Lamar Davis and another local boy JB Bradshaw.

Franklin and JB started selling cigarettes until Franklin's grandfather caught them and apparent chased them them 'all over South LS'.

At the age of fourteen he kissed Tonya Wiggins at a Burger Shot and is arrested for public exposure, blaming racial profiling for his arrest.

Franklin, an only child, was spoiled by his grandmother and grandfather until their deaths sometime during his adolescence.

He then moves in with his aunt Denise (presumably his grandmother's house left to both of them) and cousin Tavell Clinton and eventually the cousins became members of The Families along with most of their childhood friends. Franklin states while hanging out with Lamar that he didn't graduate high-school because he was kicked out for beating up a teacher for unspecified reasons.

Upon arrival Franklin recognises the dealer, D, although the deal is interupted by the police, which more than likely saved Franklin and Lamar's life as Stretch had planned for the two to be killed off by waiting Ballas gangsters.

Viewing figures have been consistently impressive in the revival - the period drama first aired in the late 1970s - with last weekend’s episode attracting 6.2million viewers and each of the first three installments of the eight-part breaking the six million mark.But I would never, ever do all that if I wasn't prepping for a role.That's the only time it just happens,' he explained.Lamar, who D had identified, gives his dog Chop to Franklin to look after.The two later team up with recently parolled Harold "Stretch" Joseph and go to a recycling center to purchase drugs.

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He even manages to break into the De Santa house, sneaking past Amanda De Santa, Kyle Chavis and Carlos, in order to repossess a Bee Jay XL purchased by Jimmy De Santa.

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