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ch=entertainment&sc=celebrities&sc2=features&sc3=&id=54235 accessdate=2008-02-05-based Crocker, a stage name, keeps his identity and exact location private because according to him, and as seen in the public comments to his work, there are safety concerns and death threats in response to his cite news |first=Chris |last=Azzopardi |title=15 Minutes ... But he's cooked up a smart way to super stardom: Defending Britney |url=article=27184 |work=Between The Lines; Pride |date= As of March 2008, Crocker's videos have received a combined 45.8 million plays on My Space, and his vlog channel on You Tube is the 18th most viewed of all time in all categories, with over 153 million web last =Davies first =Shaun title=Screaming Britney Defense Becomes Net Phenomenon publisher=National Nine News, Australia date=12 September, 2007 url =d=1189569600#10371 accessdate=2007-09-13] Pentecostal grandparents who continued raising him when his teenage parents were not able; while his grandfather reportedly knows little about his Internet fame, his grandmother has reluctantly appeared in some of his videos.

"On September 9th, 2007 the video "Leave Britney Alone pt.1" was posted to Crocker's My Space page, while the better-known "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

The teenage viral video star who swept the internet after filming himself begging people to leave Britney Spears alone may have undergone a massive physical transformation nine years on, but he is no less shy about putting his opinions up on the internet.

Chris Crocker, 28, from Bristol, Tennessee, best known for his tearful clip defending the singer after her disastrous performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, is still posting videos today, and has clearly lost none of his passion for the subjects he talks about - nor his flamboyant style.

Still talking straight: Though now 28, Chris looks miles apart from the teen in the viral video, he is still making opinionated videos today, including one recent clip of him railing against men 'who don't know what they have'Now 28, he sports sculpted arms and facial hair, which were branded 'hot' by fans.

The transformation caused such a stir, that the singer and comedian took to Facebook to post a video message explaining the reasons behind his new look.

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