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Some critical issues were fixed but there are many more still left. The issues seem mostly related to the docker storage driver, not the filesystem itself. “” — Overlay vs Overlay2 storage drivers Making a new filesystem in 1 year is still an impossible mission. It is confirmed on all Debian and ubuntu versions, independent of OS and docker versions.

AUFS is unstable on [at least] all “linux-3.16.x” kernels. A filesystem driver is a complex piece of software and it requires a very high level of reliability. All CI pipelines in the world which rely on docker setup/update or a system setup/update are broken.

Docker was experimented with to find out whether it could benefit us.An emergency patch was quickly released to fix the regression. In comparison to AUFS, Overlay FS has a simpler design, has been in the mainline Linux kernel since version 3.18 and is potentially faster.” — Docker Overlay FS driver Note that it’s not backported to existing distributions. Update after comments: Overlay is the name of both the kernel module to support it (developed by linux maintainers) and the docker storage driver to use it (part of docker, developed by docker). Right now it’s not supported on any systems we run. Lesson learnt: As you can see with Overlay then Overlay2. As a direct consequence, any run of “” This issue is worldwide.There were multiple fixes to AUFS published along the year 2016. They are two different components [with a possible overlap of history and developers]. It affects ALL systems on the planet configured with the docker repository.We started on docker 1.6 early this year to run a single application. We moved to the 1.9 only to find a critical bug on it two weeks later, so we upgraded (again! There are all kind of subtle regressions between Docker versions.We updated 3 months later because we needed a fix only available in later versions. It’s constantly breaking unpredictable stuff in unexpected ways.

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