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It's no more energy than what I would expend if they lived here, it's 1,000 times better than e-mail/Facebook.

On my recent visit, the 13-year-old asked if I'd brought the journal with me because he had new info. Something else I do to stay involved: I have my daughters e-mail me the spelling test for the week.

My favorite are those who call and want to meet with you but haven't looked at or even opened their own calendars to see when they are available. Every few months, we have our journal time, where I ask about classes, best friends, favorite movies and video games, frustrations, teachers, cartoons, etc.

With that acknowledgment upfront, I suggest that people who fear a rude colleague might get a better result if they (a) are organized and concise about what they need; (b) ask if there is a better time to talk (one individual calls regularly 30-40 minutes before a known deadline; when I suggest calling at another time, she says, "Oh no, this will only take a minute" -- and her minute is always at least 10); (c) listen carefully and move on once the question has already been answered; or (d) don't treat it as a personal chat. " or have "ending remarks." Oh, and call in the morning. They also have to supply me with a writing sample each year and photos -- all of which go into the journal.

When a personal attack is made on you, they are trying to bait you into reacting emotionally because once you react, you become an easy target for additional attacks.

The key then is not to react, but to acknowledge and move on.

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