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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. " baa been written g (hard), r, gg, gh, rh, and k . ain f ■) as ' a vibration of the fissura laryngea, approaching ■onwtinies to a trill, nearly equivalent to Oermau g in tniie,' elcaaly soils it".' p, in My., Mg., Tanna.

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This last consideration, the author specially commends to th« various Governments that now have possessions, and 80 have taken up ' the white man's burden ' in Oceania- France, Gei Tuany, Holland, United States of America, well as our own United Kingdom and her great self'; governing Dependencies in Australasia. As these people, like the other New Hebrideans, were cannibal savages, without a written lang Tuge, and inclined to be unfriendly, this was found to be no easy task.

The work should be very valuable among other things as a basis for further investigations all over the Oceanic World. When, in the first yeai's, tbey were vospicioas and would give no help, or decreed a boycott a« tboy sometimes did, there was still one resource open. ivritten u &s French ou in ' oui ' (wi), writt«n w in Ef.

However here are treatments to regain vigour and vitality in efficient manner.

One could study other Island languages reduced to writing by previous missionaries, and known to be of the sajne ■toek, as, e.g.

tbe Aneityumese or Fijian or other Melaneeian dialect ; the Polynesian, as the Samoao, Maori, and Hawaiian ; and going still further afield, the Malayan, and the Malagasy : ttnd it was found that all these threw gnat light upon the Efatesc, and that the Efstese, once, after long yooi B, acquired so that one could think in it, and ipeftk and write it as if it were one's native tongue, threw gnat light upon them.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I THE y WEBSTER COIIEGON OF ^ ANTHROPOLOGY \^ I [STAHLISKEDBV WBVTEH VJ^Xi/ »t IS^Tt K — ^^ — 'dito ■ ^ ^ --^ It M I THE OCEANIC LANGUAGES THEIR GRASIJIATICAL STRUCTURE. It is a unique onmling of the itnguistic, mental, nligiona and moral life, social organization, and pre- historic ontocedents of the existing Oceanic ' savages ', or ' primitive ' man. Anthropologists and EUinologiste, more especially to students of Linguistic aei en ee, Orientaliste, and Semitic scholars, the work should prore a welcome, and eveu, it may be said, an indispensable ■id. Akabu the Hothkblahd of tbb Ocbahic Lakocaoib 90 THE OCEANIC LANGUAGES: tuxib Hatibial, ox TOCABVLABT, BR r OBTB IN A Co MPLBTB Di O TIONAXT, COXFABATIVB ARD Ermo LOGICAL, Or OBB OP THDt, THE La NOUAOE OP Efa TE (Ne W Hb B- Bnn) 97-316 INDEX OF SEMITIC WORDS 317-^2 INTEODUCTION How the present writer was led to take up and prosecute for the Uat thirty-five years the studies of which the fo Uowiog wo Tk ta the result may be briefly stated.

To all living and working among these fifty milliona i» PREFACE of people, miaaiooariea, Oovemment officials, and como K cial men, it should be of practical use as helping to that thorough knowledge of the speech and character of the natives which means the power of dealing sympathetically and wisely with them to the advantage of all concerned. Sent from Uelboo TQe aa a missionary of the Presbytorian Churoh of Vietoria to the New Hebrides, and settled at Havannab Harboar, E&te, in the year 1872, it became his duty to Btady and acquire the speech of the natives, and to get a tboroo^ knowledge of their mental life, religion and social ot]gatu2atio D.

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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. f 6 700830 PREFACE This work cootaiiia a Grammar and complete Dictionary of the Itmgui^e of Bfate, New Hebrides, which is a typical spedme Q of the Oceanic languages which are spoken by fifty millions, or one-thirtieth, of the human race in islaods of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, extending over two hondred degrees of longitude. 9 CHAPTER III Tn UTBBAUSH AMD Intekhal Vowwl Cs Aiiei 84 CHAPTER IV Ii VLBXiox Ai.

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