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We've done for as much of an nut My gf is a gym rat. So i say women in this size power and stamina weaken out all men Rico My wife's legs are incredibly strong!

She has been active dancing for many years, then bicycling to work every day, 30 km a day, working out hard with her legs.

Question: recently my very strong wife held me in a grapevine hold during sex.

in her excitement, she proceeded to rip my hamstring on the right leg.

In the process she bent down while riding me and sucked on and bit my nipples until they were bruised. The harder she spanks the mouder I mone and the louder I mone the harder she spanks. I was screaming but she was not getting the seriousness of the situation until she heard a crack. I visit Ghana once and meet a 6,3, 250, black women and she bang my brains out of me and the sex rock my world and i cant barely walk for 3 days, she have long big legs that she use on my until i almost faint.

He fought back harder than ever and I had to use more power. This time I decided to show him how inferiour he was and wrapped my legs around his rib cage and started to squeeze.I love her strong body but I am sometimes afraid that she will hurt me again.Anonymous My ex-wife is 5'3, and is a curvy, leggy thing.I don't want to hurt my husband but I can still use more power than I should when I scissor him, my legs are really incredibly strong. My wife & I enjoy her being the more sexually dominate since she is bigger and stronger than me.On our honeymoon we were so excited that she turned me over her knee and spanked me to tears afterwards she put me on my back and rode us to the moon. She scissored me with her rock hard thighs with such force she broke me a rib. I am from Sweden and i can only dream to be dominated of a big amazon, here women is to weak.

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She has one more than one occasion hurt me during sex when she squeezes me between her legs.

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  1. if its worth it to you to be this woman’s male girlfriend, go right ahead. I mean, she squeezed a few hundred out of you and now you think she loves you? a weak man isn’t sexy, once she sucks you dry she will drop you like a bad habit in lieu of a dude who probably follows the code…