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A woman who is a virgin is a vision of innocence and purity…at least until she gets past her early twenties, at which point she’s clearly repressed or otherwise has something wrong with her.All well and good; sometimes all a person wants is a quick “wham, bam, thank you glans”.

Similarly, women benefit from familiarity with themselves.Some guys need more stimulation to the underside of the glans while others need pressure more than friction.Some need more varied friction while others do better with a specific rhythm. after all, how’s a partner supposed to get you off when don’t know what you need?and even then, the level and of stimulation will vary from woman to woman. The better you know yourself – whether you need direct contact with the clit or slightly off to the sides, whether you’re very sensitive and require the lightest of touches or you need someone to bury their face right on top – the better able you are to guide your partner.Be sure to vary your masturbation routines – using more lube, less lube, switching hands, or different types of stim in order to keep from developing a specific habit that might keep you from being able to achieve any sort of climax with a partner.

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One of the most common complaints that couples have during sex is the feeling that they should be having Look-Ma-No-Hands orgasms.

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