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These small to medium-sized placentals have spread over all continents (except Antarctica) and most islands, where they occupy virtually all terrestrial ecosystems from tropical rainforests and deserts to the arctic tundra.

New species and genera are being described each year, such as ].

Rodents also display a wide range of life histories and ecomorphological adaptations including fossorial, arboreal, subaquatic, jumping and gliding capacities.

Species diversity is the result of the balance between speciation and extinction whereas morphological disparity is primarily a consequence of adaptation [].

The majority of these shifts occurred within the most recent familial rodent radiations: the Cricetidae and Muridae clades.

Using the topological imbalances and the time line we discuss the potential role of different diversification factors that might have shaped the rodents radiation.

Development of phylogenetic methods that do not rely on fossils for the study of evolutionary processes through time have revolutionized the field of evolutionary biology and resulted in an unprecedented expansion of our knowledge about the tree of life.

These methods have helped to shed light on the macroevolution of many taxonomic groups such as the placentals (Mammalia).

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However, despite the increase of studies addressing the diversification patterns of organisms, no synthesis has addressed the case of the most diversified mammalian clade: the Rodentia.

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