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Grande didn’t know that Cyrus also has the condition and says that her low blood-sugar levels have improved since she went vegan. She found her groove with this year’s My Everything, which gave her a second number-one album within 12 months (something not achieved in the US since Susan Boyle in 2010), but with this grown-up sound came issues about her new, matching style. ‘Well, I posed in a cute outfit with some kitty ears on and with my middle finger flipped up and posted it on my fan page,’ she says. But at the same time, a lot of people were like, “She’s changing! Aged eight, she landed the title role in a production of Annie.

‘I was adjusting to these new things – red carpets, and people wanting pictures with me, and people taking pictures of me when I didn’t know they were being taken,’ she says. ‘Oh my God, that and Jurassic Park were my favourites.

Unlike Miley, Grande courts no such wanton controversy. Her Sam & Cat co-star Jennette Mc Curdy landed a few barely veiled petty shots at the ambitious Grande after the show’s cancellation this summer. ‘He’s 10 years older than me – he would kill me for saying that!

But they do have much in common, not least their age and their hypoglycaemia. Musically, the recording of her debut album, 2013’s Yours Truly, was a drawn-out process as she searched for her sound. But once Frankie got into acting in musical theatre and dancing, I was like, “OK, I guess that’s the cool thing now, so let’s investigate and watch old musicals.” My friends and I were huge musical-theatre geeks and we would go back and forth to New York whenever we had free weekends.’ Grande joined the local Little Palm Family Theatre.

But soon, a charming, easygoing nature emerges, albeit hand-in-hand with naked ambition. She speaks with the smooth, adjective-heavy confidence of many young stars. ‘I adored and worshipped my brother, Frankie, as a little girl – everything he did was cool,’ she says.

Indeed, she graduated from a similar tween finishing school to the Disney alumna Miley Cyrus – two Nickelodeon TV programmes, Victorious and Sam & Cat, ensured the inevitable pop career had a ready-made fan base. And they,’ she adds pointedly, ‘are probably not.’ Grande’s own transition has not been without its bumps. ” A lot of people go ape over one photo.’ She shrugs. I’m still the same person I’ve been since I was four years old. Her half-brother is a seasoned Broadway performer who recently appeared on the US version of Big Brother.

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