Enfp and infp dating princess margaret and roddy llewellyn dating

Bad results from day-to-day living knock around our self-confidence.However when bad things happen, it’s harder to knock INFPs completely off. We say, okay my life sucks, but at least I can still take a good photo.

I don’t know any INFPs that go on drinking benders, or sell everything and move to Tibet, or trash our rooms when things don’t work out. Strangely enough, the best way to nurture that one good thing is to be good at another thing also.

There’s nothing wrong with going from brand new goal to brand new goal, but isn’t it better to be a successful dilettante?

Unsuccessful dilettantes try for new Rewards because they couldn’t get the last one. Life is going from one set of problems to a better set of problems.

INFPs come off as dilettantes because we’re always trying new things.

However, every INFP I know is good at at least one thing.

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Successful dilettantes try for new rewards because they achieved their last one and realize it wasn’t really what they wanted. Keeping the same goals doesn’t mean not trying new things which is Success Quality 4. When we first move out, one of the big problems many people encounter is deciding between mac and cheese and Ramen noodles.

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