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The authors did not state how the data were extracted for the review, or how many reviewers performed the data extraction.

The percentage change or absolute change in frequency of targeted behaviours was presented for each study.

Studies should assess inter-observer agreement and outcome assessors should be blinded to the intervention. A research synthesis of Social Story interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities 2004; 19(4): 194-204.

One or more observers rated the frequency of targeted behaviours.

Although a formal assessment of validity does not appear to have been performed, aspects of methodological quality (such as treatment integrity, generalisation and social validity) were noted in individual study descriptions.

There is some crossover between the two parts, e.g. Also, you might wonder why a few of the resources I've listed aren't specifically on sex and autism.

Beyond separating the following resources into Part 1 and 2, there is no way I could tell which are best for your needs, so I haven't listed them in any particular order. It's Nathan's story in his own words about how he was struggling terribly middle school.

Studies reporting specific behavioural outcomes were included in the review.

A variety of behavioural outcomes were targeted: chair tipping, staring, shouting, precursors to tantrums, delayed echolalia, following directions, social communication skills, obsessive behaviours, self-help skills, compliance, social interactions, hand washing, sharing and aggression.

Poorly defined inclusion criteria, a limited search strategy and a small evidence base limit the reliability of these findings.

Studies of the effectiveness of social story interventions were eligible for inclusion.

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One support that has shown some promise for teaching appropriate classroom behaviors to students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is the use of social stories.

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