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But we don’t think most people need to spend the extra 0 or 0.The i Phone X is Apple’s premium smartphone, with an all-new design that requires new ways to interact with the hardware, including facial recognition in lieu of the Touch ID fingerprint reader because there’s no Home button.Viewed from the front, the latest i Phone models look a lot like the previous three generations, with the same aluminum frame and the same 4.7-inch (for the i Phone 8) or 5.5-inch (for the i Phone 8 Plus) screen size.The changes you’ll notice depend largely on which i Phone model you have now—the older your current phone, the bigger the improvements—but the new phones are better than their predecessors in a fair number of ways.Dan Frakes coordinates Wirecutter’s Apple coverage and has contributed to our Android phone and tablet guides.He spent 10 years as an editor at Macworld, where he covered all manner of Apple devices, and he has been reviewing tech for two decades.

There’s a good chance, however, that you’re on an upgrade program (from Apple or your wireless carrier) that allows for easy annual upgrades, so a 0 or 0 difference in phone price is spread over as much as 24 months.

This means that the difference between getting last year’s model and this year’s is as little as per month, and we think getting a better phone that will be usable longer is worth that monthly premium.

Still, if you own an i Phone that’s less than two years old, you probably don’t need to upgrade.

And like previous i Phones, this generation remains easy to use out of the box and doesn’t require tinkering for you to get the most out of it, making it an easy recommendation for most people.

The i Phone X is a great phone—the best Apple’s made so far—but we don’t think it’s the best phone for most people.

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