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Sources: 2004 National Surveys of Religion and Politics, 2001 American Religious Identification Survey, 2000 Glenmary Religious Congregations and Membership in the U.

In other words, this trope has some extremely dubious origins, and continues to carry all manner of Unfortunate Implications with it. In case you really want to know, a not-particularly-scientific survey found that "[t]he average for the African continent as a whole is a whopping 6.3 inches." This is slightly bigger than average Quagmire: Wow, those are all the monuments I read about in school!

There's the Washington Monument *camera pans to the eponymous monument* And there's the Obama Monument.

Here’s a selection of my favorite quotes by photographer Robert Frank.

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.” ― Robert Frank “When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” ― Robert Frank “A message picture is something that’s simply too clear.” – Robert Frank “To produce an authentic contemporary document, the visual impact should be such as will nullify explanation.” – Robert Frank “Black and white are the colors of photography. And what’s out there is constantly changing.” ― Robert Frank “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. But realism is not enough – there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph.” – Robert Frank “I have been frequently accused of deliberately twisting subject matter to my point of view. But criticism can come out of love.” – Robert Frank “I always say that I don’t want to be sentimental, that the photographs shouldn’t be sentimental, and yet, I am conscious of my sentimentality.” – Robert Frank “It is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph.” – Robert Frank “My photographs are not planned or composed in advance, and I do not anticipate that the onlooker will share my viewpoint.

To illustrate: Cain, Ham, and the whole negro race have been cursed with a black skin, the mark of Cain, so they can be identified as a caste apart, a people with whom the other descendants of Adam should not intermarry.” - Apostle Bruce R. 114 Others: “Brigham Young made a very strong statement on this matter when he said, ‘...

This will always be so.' God has commanded Israel not to intermarry.

Back to Mormon Quotes Index Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

(1805-1844): “Had I anything to do with the negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species...” - Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., January 2, 1845, , v. 21-218 Prophet Brigham Young (1801 -1877): “Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race?

Sponberg (critic of the anti-black ban), May 5, 1947, quoted in Lester E. There isn't any argument, therefore, as to inter-marriage with the Negro, is there? Peterson, “Race Problems – As They Effect the Church,” Address given at the Convention of Teachers of Religion on the College Level, delivered at BYU, August 27, 1954 Apostle Bruce R.

Mc Conkie (1915 – 1985): “However, in a broad general sense, caste systems have their root and origin in the gospel itself, and when they operate according to the divine decree, the resultant restrictions and segregation are right and proper and have the approval of the Lord.

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