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” Arnold indeed captured a freshness about Monroe that was missing from posed publicity shots.She recalled later that no one else had Monroe’s ability to use both photographer and camera, and Marilyn remained the yardstick by which she measured subjects.Although her father was a rabbi and well-educated, he could find work only as a pedlar, and Eve grew up in poverty.She initially intended to study Medicine, but a boyfriend gave her a camera and she became a keen amateur photographer.She was Dietrich’s long-time choice as photographer, and she also took a memorable set of the ageing Joan Crawford enduring her punishing beauty regime.Her sympathetic lens could make even Andy Warhol (captured lifting weights while seated on a lavatory) seem merely sublimely idiosyncratic.“Lesson number one,” recalled Arnold, “pay attention to the intrusion of the camera.” In the next class, Brodovitch singled out her pictures for their freshness.

On seeing her, the hitherto feline star model “Fabulous” Charlotte Stribling began to mince down the catwalk like a white model.

In 1961 she moved to Britain, where her son was at school.

For 10 years she worked for The Sunday Times’s then-revolutionary colour magazine, focusing on the individuality of the British character.

Her political reportage documented the rise of both Senator Mc Carthy and the black civil rights movement.

After one of Malcolm X’s rallies, she found her woollen dress polka-dotted with cigarette burns from the hostile black crowd.

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