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panel For text messages: forwarding any text message spam you get to the short code ? We've never done business with them and we're on the no call list Do you live in New York or its surrounding areas?Then by now, you must have heard of Carpet Clean New York- We are the number one choice for all your Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Needscalls constantly along with university of phoenix looking for a lynn bailey idk who this woman is but I want to kick her teeth in for giving my phone number of ten years to these people they call all day starting at to find her to give information from all these different area codes, like excuse me are you a college why are you in los angeles then Denver then Trenton all in the same hour? BBB page Received this message just a few minutes ago- Went to the website listed, only to find I was shifted to Ziinga-com (an auction site),wtf??s rules unless you have given your prior consent to be called- In addition, anyone making a telephone solicitation call to your home number must provide his or her name, the name of the person or entity on whose behalf the call is being made, and a telephone number or address at which that person or entity can be contacted- If the call is a pre-recorded message, it must include a contact telephone number- Without these disclosures, the call violates FCC rules- If you have caller ID, a telemarketer is required to transmit or display its phone number and, if available, its name or the name and phone number of the company for which it is selling products- The display must include a phone number that you can call during regular business hours to ask that the company no longer call you- This rule applies even if you have a previously-established business relationship with the company, and even if you have not registered your home phone number(s) on the national Do-Not-Call list- For complete information on all the FCC?s rules regarding telephone solicitations, see our consumer fact sheet at www-fcc-gov cgb consumerfacts tcpa-html- What to Do If You Receive an Auto Warranty Call First, do not provide any personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card information, driver?0417670 mobile phone number series is operated by TELSTRA. To trace a mobile phone number from 0417670 series, search mobile phone number above.This is a scam call from someone who says that they are an IRS agent, and when you will not provide your social security number, they threaten that a police officer will be at your home within the hour to arrest you I had a call too, same details but different person- They want access to your computer- They called me late Friday then again late Sunday- Who calls that late- I kept asking what company he was calling from but he kept telling me i had errors on my computer- Firstly i think if it was a ligit company it would not hide the number they are calling from- Secondly why cant they just tell you the company I think I will send an email to microsoft as they said its a Microsoft windows issue- Anyone that calls you at pm on a Sunday about your computer cant be on the up & up It's a group of scammer extortionists working out of India- There's no way to stop them from initiating the calls, but you can protect yourself- Invest in a call blocker- These people are basically criminals and will ignore all US laws I received a call at : a-m and called the number I got the typical mailbox is full number but being knowledgable of phone systems dialed zero during the message and got an operator- The company is Air Quality Services at S- River Drive in Tempe, AZ they told me tough on the call and basically told me it was up to the owner who is Ron Bott according to the person I spoke with- the local number for their company is , CALL THEM and let them know how unhappy you are-good luck THIS PHONE NO# CALLED MY HOUSE TODAY AND TOLD ME THAT I BORROWED MONEY FROM CHASE MANHATTAN BANK AND NEVER PAID IT BACK WRONG ANSWER I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY KIND OF BUSINESS WITH CHASE MANHANTAN BANK, NOR WOULD I EVER BECAUSE OF THEIR BACK REPUTATION PEOPLE BEWAREkeep getting calls from this number- i answer, no one is there- i am on do not call list and you must dial to get my phone to ring (this stops auto and robo-calls-) so there must be a person there to dial the - they never say anything and when you call the number, it says it is disconnected Repeatedly calls, either hangs up without speaking, or falsely identifies themselves as a local non-profit, asking for money- When pressed, they refuse to identify themselves, and then threatened, *act* as if they will remove your # from their call list, But you will still be getting rings from them every day or two, at random intervals- Sunday morning is not sacred to them, nor are keeping normal business hours so that one pay be at peace in their home- These people are harassing, lying, punks- Please do not feed them- When I asked my local non-profits they confirmed that this is a scam- These scammers *act* as if they have intimate knowledge by repeatedly stating you gave them money once in the past, or talked to them once - that is their false flag to disclaim them of criminal charges Computer based automated voice comes online when you answer and asks if your name is, please press , then it hangs up- It is a tool to gather accurate phone owner information- If you try to call back, you get placed on hold Portfolio Recovery is the worst debt collector on the planet- They buy invalid expired debt for % of original balance- They will call day and night days a week- Don't ever answer- If they had a valid debt, they would sue-Drop your land line- They can't legally call your cell-They have hundreds of spoofed phone #'s- Just don't answer- They will not leave a message for maybe a year and then a call leaving a name and asking you to call back- Don't Comodo - knew it wasn't a legit thing when Nuno (the rep) asked for the CFO by name (probably got that information from website) and not the IT Dept- and then he sounded suprised CFO didn't work with our website security- We don't use them and have told them a few times in the past "don't call us we will call you""Victoria Vaughn" leaves a message saying she's an independent locator and that she wants to set up an appointment to serve me with legal documents- (An appointment to get served?My response: H*LL no don't contact me erase my number whoever the h*ll you are- why you are at it why don't you try piing up a rope for somethin else better to do than text me at night Online yellow pages wanting to verify information- Call id just said "out of the area' BIG RED FLAGI calmly state that "due to the abundance of fraud, we can only verify requests in writing" And they immediately hang up- LOLIf these people call you saying they are US Legal Services which is, in actuality, a law firm in Jacksonville- This number is a LAN line from New Port Richie, Florida- I assume same old blackmail phone scam- Don't fall for their lies- We must fight for phone freedom I dialed the number that your put in- Thank you so much for your help- They answered Dial America- I said about getting this call from at least a dozen times- It has come through like a fax sound on my answering machine x- Hangups next, and finally tonight someone saying "hello? s particular car and warranty- Many of these calls may violate FCC Do-Not-Call rules- And many may actually be fraudulent?if you press a certain number or stay on the line, you may be asked to provide several types of personal information, including your credit card number, which can be used to defraud unwary consumers- The Federal Trade Commission recently filed suit in federal court against companies suspected of making these calls- The FCC also investigates potential violations of FCC rules, and some states and telephone companies have sued companies that make these types of calls- The FCC?

Our debt relief program CUTS your payments and total debt by over HALF- No upfront fees- May we contact you? " before I could even answer click- Rude completely- The person I called to said that was their outbound call ctr- I'm less then impressed- I told him to take my number out of the data base and put on do not call list- He said we may still get a few calls- I said it shouldn't take any longer than days to succeed- I won't be nice if I have to call back again after April Got a call from this number- The girl said her name was Kim Jones- Funny how they do not speak good english- When I asked her to repeat her name, she hung up- I bet if you call the number back in a couple of days it will be diconnected- I have been getting these scam calls for months now- I have been telling them that I know this is a scam and that they are being reported Recently, the FCC Consumer Center has noticed an increase in complaints and inquiries from consumers who have received calls about renewing their automobile warranties- During the calls, which are usually automated or pre-recorded, the consumer is told that the warranty on his or her automobile is about to expire and is instructed to press a number to renew it- The callers often pose as representatives of a car dealer or manufacturer, and may or may not have specific information about the consumer?

Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 0417670.

The mobile phone tracker has traced 0417670 operator and location.

s license numbers, or bank account information to the caller- Telephone scammers are good at what they do and may imply that they work for a company you trust- Second, if you have certain information about the call or caller, you can file a complaint with the FCC- In some cases, the FCC can issue warning citations and impose fines against companies violating or suspected of violating the do-not-call rules, but the FCC does not award individual damages- The FCC needs to know certain details about the call and as much information about the caller, including name and telephone number, as you can provide- Therefore, be sure to fill out the on-line complaint form fully, or see the list of information to include with your complaint on the FCC consumer fact sheet- There is no charge for filing a complaint- The easiest method is to use the FCC?

s on-line complaint form found on the FCC Web site at esupport-fcc-gov complaints-htm- A series of questions will take you to the correct form and section of the form for providing the information the FCC needs to process a complaint- You can also file your complaint with the FCC?

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panel By State DNC lists:www-donotcallprotection-com do_not_call_chart-shtml This is not Martin or Beverly Brennan- This is an insurance company that gets thousands of calls per month for Martin and Beverly Brennan, who apparently have skipped out on a ton of bills and are constantly getting calls from bill collectors They tried the same scam on me- I must have called them many times at different numbers and harassed them- I see it as, if I'm taking one line down they can not scam other person- They do everything to scary you to pay- DONT BE FOOLEDFYI - No us agency can ever stop this from happen, especially if they are not calling within the US- the US government has NO JURISDICTION out of the US- We must play fire with fire- Don't be scared people rise up and defend your selfs- If you have some spare time do what i'm doing, and call the sh)t out of them, They are not from india they are from an arab country- They have spoofed there line therefore there is a good chance they are not calling with in the US- I think the use an IP telephone service like skype- they seem to disconnect all there lines at :pm eastern time- I think if we all rise and call then as much as we can we can disrupt there scam I got a phone call from my ex boyfriend and he said the IRS call him asking him for me and that- He I gave me this # , and the freacking hole who answered said to me that he is from the IRS and that he had strong evidence that there were errors in my taxes from to and that I was going to get served Then he hung up on me I called my account and he said that if he didn't give me his name and a Bach #- There are Scanners Freacking scanners He had an Indian accent and he hung up on me I've been getting these calls for months- I got the same call today from this so called Brady person- I have tried to call back and the line always drops- I have even had other friends call for me to see what happens and the call just drops also- All the messages I get from these calls are similar but my caller I'd always says the number is unavailable- I really don't know what this is about but I'm reporting it to the FCCKeep getting calls from this number- This is what came up when I googled it-Ductpro-Reviews , Fort Worth, TX About Ductpro SE Habla Espanol, Same Day Next Day Service, Improves A C & Heating Efficiency, Helps Control Dust and Dirt, Furnace Cleaning, Dryer Duct Cleaning, Complete Air Duct Cleaning, Bonded & Insured, Allergy & Odor Removal, Cleans Up to Vents Yes, This guy is a Fraud Voip number in New Jersey, express mailed fake check from arlington texas, and a check from a company in PA- Hey tried to buy a fridge with via fake check,then wanted me to wire cash- calls himself Price Lee, He does not exist,googled his number and I found this site, I will be reporting him to both the mail fraud and the cyber crime divisions of the FBIthis person mathew called my house and asked for tom love i said hes not available (cuz my husbands name is thomas love) can i take a message he gave me his name mathew and his # , and then i asked what is this reguarding he said tom love & co, i said thats not my husband he said i dont believe you i said fine than dont and i hung up If you were in the hospital or clinic associated with Atlanticare Hospital in Atlantic City or Galloway, you will be receiving these calls- They have no right to have these people call and harass us- I will be calling the hospital myself- They continually call when I asked ever so nicely, for them to call after pm- I did miss the one call after pm because I was still at work and could not answer- times in almost weeks is crazy Total Phone Spammer, when will they learn tha tis not a way to do business?

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