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If they need someone to blame for something, chances are it will be you. They will manipulate you with the story of how they were abandoned or nobody loved them. Their main goal is to lure you in and make sure you never think of leaving. One minute you think they love you, the next minute they are online flirting with an ex and then telling you to stop being jealous and accuse you of being ridiculous. A body, a shell, no emotions and your heart is null and void.

The strangest and most unrealistic part of our child-rearing beliefs is that our antisocial behavior toward them is supposed to make them become caring social beings.

If you recognize any of these signs in your partner it’s time to either bolt or seek professional help for you or both of you or them, if they are open to it. You need to look after yourself and your happiness.

"The societies for the prevention of cruelty to babies and children concern themselves only with the grossest sort of abuse.

Imposing one's will on another person is considered a crime in our society. The only conclusion is that children are not seen as persons.

In our efforts to get children to behave in the ways we want, we utilize methods of control which are culturally condoned forms of violence.

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From the moment of birth, children are deprived of that which humans evolved to have the prolonged nurturing natural to our species.

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