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Since we don’t have time to create all the extra anims required to fix that in the perfect way (which would also make it *much* harder for us to create new mounts in the future because they would need all those extra anims also), we’re going to have to go with this solution. I understand that many of you would like to see the old starting islands remain, but I’d like to explain the decision, at least so you see where we were coming from.

Primarily, the starting islands and following content, simply put, are not up to the standards of the newer starting cities.

If the newbie islands are truly lacking, than the proper thing to do would be to bring them up to speed, not to just cast them aside.

Nobody was asking for either of these changes, and we’re being utterly ignored and overruled.

A good deal of overarching content deals with these cities directly, and we’d like to create even more content that basically turns these into important quest and activity hubs, so to speak – I can’t go into it too much right now (although you saw some of what I mean during the destruction of Freeport live event), but there’s definitely an idea on how we’d like them to be presented going forward.

The legacy content that is there (especially the racial quests) are not being removed, but we’ve been discussing ways to make this content more functional overall.

Now your mount is going to vanish every time you enter combat. Even the raiders, who are concerned with lag, just wanted to be able to turn mounts off for raids, not for the entire world.You can see the main forum threads pertaining to these issues at “Qeynos and Freeport have been disabled as starting cities”, and Mounts will now be temporarily suspended while in combat.Thus far, it is very clear how the majority of players feel.Anyway, we really appreciate all of the feedback, and we hope you can see why we felt this was a necessary change.The other thing these changes have in common is that the solution chosen to the perceived problem has been the one that requires least effort, rather than fixing or making something new.

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Finally, I’d like to say that we are not planning to abandon Freeport and Qeynos.

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