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"It can make you or break you." He spends 45 minutes a day on Facebook ("My cousin Miko checks it every hour"), has 600 Facebook friends ("Oh, some have 2,000") and has not changed his profile picture for eight months ("So people are not poking me as much as they used to"). "Duh" is a slice of teen sarcasm aimed at people who state the obvious.

Mimi says, everyone, even 11-12 year-olds, has a Facebook account: "They all say they are 18". What it hides is the danger of entering the world of strangers when you are not quite ready for it.

Notes are regularly exchanged between girls after sexual encounters and discarded i-Pill packs are often found in the bathrooms of the posh convent she studies in.

"I'm sure you won't remain a virgin by the time you turn 18," her mother interjects tearfully. "I'm not stupid enough to get into trouble."Trouble is the one certain truth about her: she is a teenager.

A massive friend count means, "Don't expect me to give you too much attention." A nicely photoshopped Wall indicates, "I am so weird, wacky and wonderful." Profile shots updated on hourly basis mean, "Check me out, I'm cool". PLENTY CHOICE: Multiple dating is smart: you are not too hung up on any one person. If you look bad in a photograph, you will be tagged 'Hahaha'.

DATING AND MATINGDecoding the new rules of romance BUDDY BENEFIT: Friends With Benefits are friends of the opposite sex who fulfill needs. To avoid that label, the pressure to look good on sites goes up tremendously and vanity becomes the byword.

Some of them are into serious romance, some are "just FWBs" ("Friends With Benefits. just a convenience thing".) Some boys carry condoms in their pockets because they don't know when "they might get lucky"."I know girls who put in 'photo albums' of their face taken from different angles," says Rahi, a 14-year-old Mumbai student.The most-feared word among girls, not surprisingly, is "fugly"-a combination of fat and ugly-she points out.The MMS scandal and its unapologetic teen hero and heroine sent shockwaves across urban India, even making it to the iconic Anurag Kashyap film, Dev. Today, most teens seem to know couples who post intimate photographs for joy, of girls who get flamed on the Net, of friends who are stalked and bullied by strangers on the cyber space. And, really, everybody's smart enough to avoid unknown people on the Net."TIME TO 'PARDEEE'A heady brew of drinking, dancing, mingling, laughing across the metros MERRY TIPPLERS: There's a vodka epidemic out there,with teens drinking shots-neat, with energy drinks or as kamikaze.According to a survey done by Chennaibased NGO, Tulir, 42 per cent of teens on the Net face harassment online. BAR BUZZ: There are two ways of getting into pubs: with an older boyfriend. PRIME TARGET: Professional party organisers target popular boys in well-known schools and colleges and pay them to get more teens in. Expect questions like, "What's your favourite sex position? "80 per centof those visiting pubs and bars in metros are underage.

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