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Sigmund Freud famously penned his theories on the Oedipus Complex, aptly named for the Greek tragedy wherein the main character marries his mother and then blinds himself before self-banishment to the mountains.

The Oedipal Complex, Freud theorized, suggests that young boys are in sexual competition with their fathers for their mother’s devotion. While Freud and Jung’s theories have merit, we have to look deeper at our parental relationships to truly understand our choices as adults -- especially those of the romantic variety.

My father called while Teddy and I were driving back from town and since I was driving, I put my pop on speaker-phone. Now, why don't you get a real job so you can make some decent money and buy yourself a house up there?

And you can have the rest of the place and I'll just live in the basement." I said wryly, "How generous of you." After we hung up, I mentioned to Teddy that my father usually called me once a day just to, more or less, make sure I was alive; Teddy thought that was kinda cute. "And he can be so charismatic that whenever we fought — which we did constantly till about two years ago — that it was all the worse whenever I felt like he'd turned on me."Teddy said, "Right.

Include photos of as many family members as possible and a phone number where casting can reach you.

Yesterday was a bit overcast, but today the sun is pulling out all the stops.

Metal Flowers Media, in association with an Emmy Award-winning production company, is conducting a nationwide search for a single dad raising his sons for a new docu-series.

This new reality sitcom series will air on a major cable network, and will show just what it takes to be a single father to household of growing boys.

As I ran along the edge of the tide with the water at my feet — in my green shorts and green tank, with my hair sticking out wildly from under my blue hat and my scallop-white skin shimmering — I was feeling pretty hot to trot.

In this real life version of “My Three Sons” meets “Two and a Half Men,” we’ll document just what it takes to be a great single dad.

To be considered for the show, shoot an email to: [email protected] [email protected] sure to include a brief description of your family.

The Electra Complex is Freud-protege Carl Jung’s complementary theory, in which a daughter is in sexual competition with her mother for her father’s devotion. Our relationships with our primary caregivers are the start of our maturation, and our first experience with other human beings.

I know you’re probably staving off the impulse to vomit right now. This primary caregiver is usually the mother (but not always).

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, says the secondary caregiver (usually the father figure) can have an acute influence on your personality.

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