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This is certainly not a service you should be happy for your children to be using, even if those images are deleted.

You may have heard already that such snaps can be retrieved by third party apps on the recipients’ phones, and there has been at least one case of such a service leaking the “deleted” images onto the web.

Children and teenagers using Snapchat should really be discouraged from doing so.

In short, this is isn’t a service your teenagers, your precious offspring, should be using. So it is hardly surprising that photos and facts shared on the social microblogging service can be used and abused by cyberbullies and other unpleasant types.

A fast-moving old-style bulletin board accessible via several apps (such as Clover, Leaf and others), 4chan content doesn’t last too long and has channels to cover almost any interest you can think of.

This isn’t the only problem, however, and nor is the fact that no registration is required to post or view material. A programming-inclined teenager could find themselves being suckered into hacking someone, doxxing an unsuspecting target or even – potentially – taking part in developing malicious code intended to cause chaos on a website, service or even within a government department.

The cause of various headline-making pranks thanks to its anonymous posting, Yik Yak is an aberration. Perhaps it’s time to engage them with other activities, if only to spend some time pointing out that better ways to communicate exist than resorting to Yik Yak.“This is a dating site! Dealing with Tinder is in theory tough, but think of it this way: there is no reasonable cause for a teenager to be using a face-rating/flirting/dating site for adults.“How old are you? For a start off, the questions can be posted anonymously (Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte login options are available).

Worringly, the answers are posted to the user’s profile and easily cross-posted to other services.

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