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Unless an individual property explicitly defines a different whitespace normalization algorithm, Reading Systems This specification supports internationalized resource naming, so elements and attributes that reference Publication Resources accept IRIs as their value.For compatibility with older Reading Systems that only accept URIs, resource names should be restricted to the ASCII character set.With the exception of the Package Document itself, the Publication Resources required to render a Rendition are listed in that Rendition's manifest and bundled in the EPUB Container file (unless specified otherwise in Publication Resource Locations).Examples of resources that are not Publication Resources include those identified by the Package Document link element and those identified in outbound hyperlinks that resolve outside the EPUB Container (e.g., referenced from an [ A Publication Resource that conforms to one of the EPUB Content Document definitions (XHTML or SVG). All sections of this specification are normative except where identified by the informative status label "This section is informative".Identifiers The following example shows how the complex title "The Great Cookbooks of the World: Mon premier guide de cuisson, un Mémoire. The IDPF maintains an informative registry of specialized EPUB Publication types for use with this element at attribute defines the statement being made in the expression and the text content of the element represents the assertion.This specification defines two types of metadata expressions that can be defined using the express a value that is at least one character in length after whitespace normalization.

] video codecs, but this is not a conformance requirement; a Reading System may support no video codecs at all.

The Package Document is an XML document consisting of a set of container elements, each dedicated to housing information about a particular aspect of the Rendition.

These containers effectively centralize metadata, detail the individual resources that compose the Rendition and provide reading order and other information for rendering the EPUB Publication is represents to a User.

This specification is one of a family of related specifications that compose EPUB 3, the third major revision of an interchange and delivery format for digital publications based on XML and Web Standards.

It is meant to be read and understood in concert with the other specifications that make up EPUB 3: A resource that contains content or instructions that contribute to the logic and rendering of at least one Rendition of an EPUB Publication.

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