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However lead actor Glen Howerton, who plays Dennis Reynolds on the series, suggested last March that the show could go on an “extended hiatus”."We may be taking an extended hiatus between season 12 and season 13,” he told UPROXX.Kaitlin Olson who stars as Dennis’ sister Sweet Dee, also told TV Guide the the cast’s busy schedules were preventing the season from kicking off."We ended up pushing our next season a year because we were all busy with separate projects this year," she explained.It’s hard to believe that the hysterical FX series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been on the air for eight seasons, with production of season nine underway. Series co-writer, producer and star Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) recently tweeted that the new season is “some of the funniest shit [they’ve] ever done.” Looking back, we realized that is no easy feat. If he’s gone — if there’s no one around to judge the other four — it’d make sense for the group to get even weirder, grosser, and more oblivious to societal norms.Look at Episode 8 of this most recent season, “The Gang Tends Bar,” which now feels like Part 1 of “Dennis’ Double Life.” All Dennis wants is for Mac, Charlie, Frank, and Dee to do their jobs, but the second any of them are out of his eyesight they’re on to manipulating and poisoning each other.

Check them out and then dive into the comments section to laugh, rejoice and argue with us.100.

It’s partially a creative and personal decision.” Just as these comments from Howerton came out (he also gave a similar interview to reported that Howerton had been tapped to star alongside Patton Oswalt in an NBC pilot produced by Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but Dennis might actually be gone.

But Philly singles beware: When “The Gang Group Dates,” all the ugliness of online dating is streamlined into a bad star rating.

For the sake of this review, Dennis would be happy to know he’s getting his best star rating of the evening.

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