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Felix Moore (George Maguire), a market trader, debuted in July.

Hope Fowler, the daughter of Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner), was born in October.

This leads to the police becoming involved, and a naked photo of Shakil is found.

When Louise arranges a date with Travis Law-Hughes (Alex James-Phelps), Travis does not turn up, but Shakil, Keegan and their friends arrive and Keegan tells Louise she was messaging him and he teases Louise with things she said in the messages.

He later annoys Denise Fox (Diane Parish) by trampling flowers in the gardens and insulting her, which results in her hitting him.

They both debuted a minimal butterfly design behind one of their ankles (Jenner got hers on her right leg and Scott got it on his left).

The tattoos seem to reference one of Scott's singles, "Butterfly Effect," which he released in May.

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Fans suspect the song is about Jenner, especially after the rapper posted an Instagram photo of her with the song's title in the caption.

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