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When an order is placed online in advance, the parcel is delivered to the airport a day earlier than the selected delivery date. A late fee is charged if the rental items are not renewed and not returned by the due date.The late fee is charged to the customer's credit card.

Pickup Service To pick up your rental items at our store, we recommend that you order online in advance to have a device ready for you to pick up.Check the procedures for our rental service by clicking below.Specializing in Wi-Fi router rentals in Japan, we receive great feedback from our foreign customers.Our Wi-Fi rental service is the best way to have Internet access in Japan. With au KDDI routers, data transfer will be stopped. Softbank routers show the data usage on the screen. mobile and au KDDI routers, please contact us by email or phone. e.g.) YMXX, au XX, etc When is the data usage reset?By using our Wi-Fi rental service, you will enjoy a more efficient stay. The data transfer speed will recover the following month. Data usage is reset on the first day of every month.

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