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The app is more utilitarian than flashy, but it is a great option for reading your RSS feeds.If you are looking for a functional RSS app and don't care about looks, then News Blur is an app that you should be checking out for yourself.

In addition, we must set time to “any” to capture future-dated content, specify where we are pulling the content (in this case, again, from the “event” section), sort by the last modified date starting with the most recent, and then limit the article count to whatever you’d like.

Once you create an account with News Blur, you can add or import (and then follow) up to 64 feeds for free, or an unlimited number of feeds for a month or a year.

Although a paid account offers advantages in feed caching speed, a free account is perfectly usable and has a solid feature set that is liked by professional news organizations, editors, and even individual readers.

Via the RSS connector for all new blog posts the blog title and link will be posted to the channel of your choice.

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