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(That's a 31-year age difference, if you're counting.) Lowndes later hinted that their coupling was an April Fools' joke.Here's a look at some other surprising celeb pairings. CEO Rupert Murdoch, 84, and former model Jerry Hall, 59, married Friday, March 4. Hall was previously in a lengthy relationship with rocker Mick Jagger, with whom she has four children.I started getting into Louis Belson and other double bass drum players.I added a tom-tom and bass drum to my set making it a six-piece.After we won my first talent show, I graduated from a two-piece Slingerland set to a four-piece Gretch.

We made our first album at the Teen Beat Club in Las Vegas and it featured my first original, “Midnight in Vegas.” My Dad told me that a new English act playing a concert at the Convention Center needed a drummer. The audition consisted of my Dad playing them a demo tape and I was hired on spot.

Perhaps it's because of the timing -- Matt Damon's career was just taking off with "Good Will Hunting" when he hooked up with Winona Ryder -- but it's easy to forget these two were a serious couple between 19.

Yes, before Kanye, Kris or Reggie, Kim Kardashian apparently had a little something going with Nick Lachey after his 2005 divorce from Jessica Simpson.

I started taking singing, acting and dancing lessons. Almost in the same month I auditioned for Sky Saxon and the Seeds, the Electric Prunes and the new and upcoming Sixpence, which later became the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

It was after I joined Act III that I learned music theory for harmonizing. I was hired by the Strawberry Alarm Clock to create harmony and sing second lead on “Incense and Peppermints.” When their drummer quit, I was hired as a drummer, writer and lead singer.

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When I was 10, we went on a tour of bowling alleys in California, playing backing up for Kirby Grant of the TV show “Sky King” and performing our first single “Strike” along with the B-side “Gutterball.” The Goldtones grew to a six-piece band.

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